Friday, 24 October 2008

The joys of American Politics

Nothing makes me more liberal than watching Republican speeches. After being infuriated by the drivel spewing out of Palin’s mouth I could only take so much after 20 minutes. So later on I tried watching McCain’s speech which was only slightly better even if he did use the word “fight” 48 times which is slightly disconcerting. Eventually I gave up and decided to see if Obama’s speech was all that Keith Olbermann had proclaimed, which surprisingly it did even if I am used to watching lectures online (yes I am that sad).

Anyway aside from nailing the abortion issues right on the head, I was very pleased to hear that he wants to reform the education system making it more accessible to everyone and invest a great deal in science. In recent times it seems that America’s hold on the top position in science in the world may have been wavering with all this creationist bollocks emerging its ugly head with court trials and school districts failing to serve the future of childrens education for their own vile religious motives. This was another thing that really fucked me off about Palin as well. Not only is she a bloody creationist trying to get this crap taught in schools, she has also feels that banning literature in a school library is somehow acceptable.

The only thing that has so far disappointed me about Obama is that it doesn’t seem he is going to socialise America’s health care system and catch up with the rest of the modern western world.

However in saying that if he doesn’t get voted into office this coming election, he can come over the ocean and try his hand in Britain, he will certainly be welcome here and I’d bloody vote for him!

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