Friday, 24 October 2008

Let’s have a good old fashioned fag drag!

I find it strange that during the times that black people where considered second class citizens, and were still riding at the back of the bus, that if a senator proposed a bill giving interracial couples a civil partnership with all the rights of marriage but not actually being marriage I doubt Martin Luther King and his followers would have put up with it. So I really don’t see why the bloody Gay community should!

It is fucking disgusting that some people would rather use their energy spewing out bigotry and hatred rather than using some glucose to allow their brains to maybe fucking think for a minute.

In one of my excessively long bouts on YouTube I came across Senator Alan Keyes debating Barak Obama about various things. He was challenged on an earlier statement in which he said that homosexuality was an abomination, he quickly replied that he didn’t say that but in fact the bible does say that. I wonder, do people think this is a legitimate position to hold? And also is right or even decent for a man of public office to hide behind a world religion in order to protect his pathetic hate speech? I also find it profoundly ironic for a black guy such as him to use a book to support his prejudices that also readily condones slavery. And this I’m not even going to go into his insane claims that gay couples adopting children causes incest! And on the bigger picture I find it ironic that evangelists, bible literalists, and people who just hate gays through religious conviction aren’t out on the streets today picketing seafood restaurants and clothing outlets that sell more than one type of fabric.

Gay communities tend to be very a productive part of society, they tend to be much less violent and crime orientated than their heterosexual counterparts. They also never have unwanted children or even abortions considering the biology of it (funny that the pro-lifers also tend to discriminate against the only group in society that is guaranteed never to have an abortion). Even form adoption, they are very loving parents which cause very little if any damage to a child’s psychological upbringing. Coincidentally the only psychological damage children of gay parents seem to suffer is the bigotry of the surrounding population.

As much as I admire Obama, I find it disappointing that he doesn’t support same sex marriage even though he is planning civil partnerships with all the same amenities. And I am pleased that the gay community will not accept this and still push for full gay marriage.

It is my belief that marriage is a gesture of commitment and love to another person, and whether that person is the same or a different sex from you doesn’t matter.

You don’t choose who you fall in love with.

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